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Celebrate International Albinism Awareness Day June 13

Worldwide, people with albinism face many forms of stigma and discrimination.

People with albinism are often the subjects of superstitious myths and beliefs leading to marginalization and exclusion within their community.  

International Albinism Awareness Day is celebrated each year on June 13 to bring attention to this genetic condition and the rights of human beings born with albinism.


This year's Celebration theme is:


ZeruZeru Celebrates 10 years 

On June 13, 2013, ZeruZeru Simama Sasa was formed as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the United States to support Sister Helena Ntambulwa and her work in Tanzania, East Africa to care for people with albinism and physical impairments at the Mary Mother of God of Perpetual Help Center. Sister recently took on a second center, which we also now help support– The Musoma Baby Home.


For 10 years, through our generous donors we have provided financial support for the health, nutrition, education, protection, and care of over 80 children.

Zeru Zeru Samama Sasa

Zeru Zeru Samama Sasa


Simama Sasa!

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Stop Prejudice Against People With Albinism Now!






ZeruZeru Simama Sasa's mission is to
          support people living with albinism
 and physical impairments

                   who suffer human rights violations and social disadvantages.

In Tanzania, people with albinism are often discriminated against, mutilated, or killed because of their condition.

In partnership with Sister Helena Ntambulwa and her Care Centers in Lamadi and Musoma, Tanzania, we are working to protect and care for children with albinism and to put an end to the discrimination and harm.

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