On June 13, 2013 Eric and Karene Boos founded ZeruZeru, Inc. a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization formed to secure human rights for children with Albinism.


Help us celebrate the 9 year anniversary of our organization along with the

United Nations International Albinism Awareness Day!

This year's theme is

#United in Making our Voices Heard

#United To Make Our Voices Heard  

Currently, the children take their meals on the

floor of the main building or outside on the ground

Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting Bijan would immediately tell you how infectious his energy was! Extremely thoughtful, caring and the first one to help whenever you needed anything.

Leading up, during and after his trip to Tanzania my father would not stop talking about these incredible children with albinism! He was moved by their stories and came back to the States wanting to help, unfortunately, due to COVID this would halt for him. The moment we all gained Bijan as an angel to watch over us, we knew we must continue his passion!

Please join us in donating to this incredible cause to help the children with albinism.


In memorial to my father, we are starting off our fundraising

to create a dining hall for the kids.

A Message from Bijan's Family: 

Help us reach our Goal of 25,000 USD

Current donations for the Dining Hall=


Bijan Gharai Memorial Dining Hall Project

 Zeru Zeru Samama Sasa

Zeru Zeru Samama Sasa


Simama Sasa!

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Stop Prejudice Against People With Albinism Now!






ZeruZeru Simama Sasa's mission is to

support the Mary Mother of God Center in Lamadi

in caring for children with albinism in Tanzania.

In Tanzania, people with albinism are often discriminated against, mutilated, or killed because of their condition.

In partnership with Sister Helena's Center, we are working to protect and care for children with albinism and to put an end to the discrimination and harm.