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Make a lasting impact with a one time Donation or by
giving monthly


Want to make a one time donation? Visit our donation page!

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Choose your own monthly amount! Your donations will go directly to the support of the Center and the children in our care.

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For $15 a month (just 50 cents a day!), you can help feed a child in our care.

The Center currently has 70 children- that's a lot of rice and beans! 

Help us keep our children healthy and fed!

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For $30 a month ($1 a day!), you can help us provide the supplies our children and the Center need like toothpaste, toys, sunscreen, school supplies, or soap.

Items like these are essential. Help us get them!

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For $75 a month, you can support our children's education.

Most children with albinism do not attend school because of discrimination, safety, or health issues.

Help us get them the education they deserve!

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For $100 a month, you can help the Center meet it's clean water needs. 

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For $200 a month, you can support the wonderful staff at the Center who care for our 70 children.

Without our staff, we would not be able to save these childrens' lives.

Help us give them the pay they deserve.

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For $300 a month, you can provide important medical care for our children.

With albinism comes issues such as severe sun burn, poor eye sight, and injuries from abuse. 

Help keep our children healthy!

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