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Financial Information

Please Help Us to continue our support of Sister Helena and the needs of the children at the Mary Mother of God of Perpetual Help Center and the Musoma Baby Home in Tanzania.

2022 Financial Summary Statement

10 Year General Report with 2023 Budget

Yearly Budget

Per Month Costs: $4,194/month

*Bulk Food (beans, rice, corn, flours, sugar): $625

*Weekly Food (fresh fruits and vegetables): $688 (172 x 4)

*Lactogen for babies (baby formula): $300

*Medical Care: $86

*Staff Salaries: $2020

*Maintenance (electric, water, gas): $175

*Animals (food and care):$300

Per Year Costs: $22,414

*Medical insurance: $114

*Education: $2000

*Transportation: $1000

*Administration: $15,000

*Farm: $4300

Total Yearly Budget Needs= $72,742

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