ZeruZeru Simama Sasa! means

"Stop Prejudice Against People with Albinism Now!"

ZeruZeru, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working towards securing human rights for people with albinism in Tanzania. To accomplish this goal, we are providing safety, healthcare, education, sustainability, family, and advocacy for children with albinism. Scroll down to learn more about how we are protecting and fighting for the rights of people with albinism.



One of ZeruZeru's main goals is to provide a safe environment for children with albinism to live. In Tanzania, people with albinism are hunted, mutilated, and killed for their body parts. With secure walls, constant supervision, and police support, the center is currently able to provide a safe home year-round for up to 100 children.



Because of their condition, people with albinism are at a greater risk for severe burns from the sun, skin cancer, and vision problems. Through generous donations, the center provides preventative health measures such as sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. These items are not widely available in Tanzania and are often very costly, but for people with albinism, they are necessary.



Many children with albinism are not able to attend school because it is not safe, because the schools or families will not let them, or because vision problems prevent their success. We ensure that the children are able to attend local schools that provide a good education and a safe environment.  All of our children attend school   and are doing exceptionally well in their classes!



ZeruZeru is working to provide a self-sustaining and environmentally-friendly campus through organic gardening, solar power, and our own well. These costs are expensive upfront, but in the long run, a green campus will be cost-effective and better for the environment. 



Between the health risks and the fear of being hunted, Tanzanian children with albinism live difficult lives. At ZeruZeru, we believe one of the most important things we can provide to the children is a loving, trusting family. With nearly 70 children currently at the center, each child has over 60 caring siblings and friends. They are all cared for by Sister Helena Ntambulwa,  the Director of the Center. Furthermore, the children's parents are encouraged to remain a part of their child's life, with the center holding visitor's days every weekend and allowing the students to return home over winter and summer break if it is deemed safe.



how we do it


ZeruZeru hopes to see an end to the discrimination and fear that people with albinism face. The best solution to ending prejudice is through education, which is why we advocate for people with albinism from community to international levels. In Tanzania and the US, we give educational presentations to local communities about albinism and the issues surrounding the condition. We have also worked with the UN OHCHR and we are registered with the iSCO by the UN Department of  Economic and Social Affairs. 

Saving lives is not an individual effort! With community, NGO, and international donations and support, we are able to continue caring for and representing people with albinism. We could not do what we do without all the support and donations we receive. And you can help! Donate today and save lives!